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           If you have an intermediate or advanced English level but want to enhance your general skills, expand your client base, or advance your career, ELT has been making a difference for clients since 2007. If you need to polish up a website or marketing documents, or to perfect an abstract or academic paper, Copy Editing offers both one-off services or a more detailed training to improve your English writing skills over time. And if you're preparing for a major presentation, conference, or meeting, Presentation Skills will sharpen your skills and broaden your confidence. Fusion Services is designed for you.

            Fusion Services combines unmatched international business experience with specialized English language training (ELT) to create a dynamic, comprehensive service.  Our perspective is multi-national and multi-cultural, honed over 20 years of business experience in four countries and 12 years of ELT innovation. 

    Fusion Services has built expertise in a handful of sectors that enable us to craft lessons and customize courses for maximum client impact. We use relevant essays, articles, and related media specific to your field to help you best acquire key English skills and develop your desired aptitudes.


We offer convenient online classes using the Scribblar online whiteboard, a secure, cumulative platform and a proven market leader.

Contact us today to learn how Fusion Services can help or to book a complementary demo.